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New Experience..

(Aug 2020) We set sail on Lake Diefenbaker with David on a beautiful, calm and sunny day in August 2020. Neither of us had sailed before, and we both really enjoyed the experience. We learned a lot, not only about sailing, but about the lake and the area. T he views were stunning, we had good conversation, felt safe, and an all-around amazing time.
This is such a good option that is now available close to home, thanks for the opportunity to join you on the lake!

First sail..

We had a wonderful experience with David sailing during a sunny afternoon. Our children were included in the experience, not only being taken for a fun ride on the water, but learning about sailing as well! David was patient and welcoming at all times. We plan on going again this summer. Can't wait. The Lewis Family ❤️

Three Hour Experience Review..

(Aug 2020) Sailing on Lake Diefenbaker has always been a dream of mine. My experience with Living Sky Sailing School was excellent! Not only did I get to go on a sailboat but I got to learn all about sailing. David was a great teacher and taught me how to tie knots, steer the boat and hoist the sails. Safety was always a priority along with having fun and learning. I would definitely book again with David!
- Justine

Review on Courses

(Aug 2020) I took a 5 day session this summer and enjoyed every moment. David’s calm and practical approach to sharing his boating knowledge quickly enhanced my skills & confidence. Docking, mooring, anchoring, boat knowledge, weather monitoring, navigation, are just some of the items covered, both in theory & hands on. Only took a few minutes before I was at the helm & operating the boat like it was my own. I highly recommend Living Sky Sailing School to any skill level of boater! I am so happy to have done this. Thanks David for making this available.
..Lana J

Review on Instructor and Gulf Island Trip

My experience with David was in October 2018 in the Gulf Islands, I had no sailing experience at all and was nervous about a week long trip on the ocean. I found David to be very organized for the trip. Spending time on the ocean with David was a very positive experience! He was clear with his instruction and very patient with his rookie crew. He offered positive support to all of of us and encouraged and allowed each of us to step out and experience different tasks involved with sailing. This made for a great week and a very positive trip. At the end of the trip we encountered heavy fog of which none of us had experienced before. David was very calm with his problem solving during this time and kept the rest of us focused, guiding us through a stressful event. Sailing with David was a great experience and I would encourage anyone wanting to learn to sail to join him, you will come out a stronger person and gain a great knowledge for sailing.
..Kevin W

Testimonials without words..

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