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Sailing Organizations

In Canada we have found four different organizations to get certified keelboat training. Each organization has multiple schools that offer their courses and programs. Each organization seems to have a slightly different approach or focus but they all appear to get to the same result.
Here are the four organizations we have found

Based in Nanaimo, BC. Very common on the West Coast of Canada and recognized internationally. This is the organization Living Sky Sailing School is affiliated with.

Sail Canada

Canadian Sailing program. All across Canada. In Saskatchewan the primary focus is Dingy sailing.


Canadian Power and Sail Squadron. All across Canada but very little involvement at any level in SK.


International Yacht Training. Required if you wish to work on international vessels. Canadian affiliated schools are in BC and Great Lakes Region

Learning and DIY

These are our general sources: (Always try to start with LOCAL Knowledge)

Sailrite has very good instructional videos and is designed for diy

West Marine

West Marine has very good information on what you need for a project.

Boatworks Today (YouTube)

BoatWorksToday has many quality videos on how to repair fiberglass

Real Experience

These are some links to quality sites that share real experiences
Sam Holmes Sailing

Started by sailing a 23' boat solo from California to Hawaii

Sailing Frenchman

Started by salvaging a small boat in France and evolving to Racing around the World

Project Atticus

Bought a $5000 boat and currently sailing around the World

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