All About Living Sky Sailing School

Fully accredited through the Canadian Recreational Yachting Association. CRYA.org


What We Offer

..First Sailing Experience in Fresh or Salt Water
..Certification to Charter
..Coastal Navigation
..VHF Marine Radio Licence
..Sunset Tours
..Private Charters

Many people have the dream of sailing or interest to learn. Living Sky Sailing School offers this in SASKATCHEWAN. We provide everything you need for certification and experience to be able to charter boats on the West Coast of Canada and beyond!
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Our Boats

Currently we have three vessels. Adagio and Eagle Wing are at Lake Diefenbaker.
Serenity is located in Nanaimo, BC. Each boat has a two burner stove, sink with fresh water, ice box and BBQ. We have a marine head (toilet) enclosed in a private area.
The boats are in complete compliance with all safety equipment and officially registered with Transport Canada. All vessels are properly insured and have appropriate business licenses.

Owner / Instructors

David Larwood

David is a retired teacher and took up sailing seriously in 2015. To get keel boat experience and training he has travelled to Nanaimo, BC as these services were not available in Saskatchewan. After becoming certified he wanted to gain hours of experience. Unable to find a boat to rent, borrow or train on in Saskatchewan, he found the best solution was to purchase his own on Lake Diefenbaker. He quickly found others have his interest, so with his background in Education and interest in Sailing, he has created Living Sky Sailing School, hoping to make it easier for fellow residents to "Learn to Sail a Keelboat" in Saskatchewan.

Evan King

Evan is a retired pharmacist and began his sailing career on Lake Diefenbaker. He signed up with Living Sky Sailing School and demonstrated exceptional learning and comprehension. He purchased his own sailboat to have unlimited access to practise his skills. With encouragement, he completed his CRYA Sailing Instructors certificate in 2022. He continues to explore his sailing interests. He recently joined a crew of 2 and travelled 24/7 across the Caribbean Sea, Bay of Panama and transited the Panama Canal. His personality and skills are accommodating and supportive to any crew he instructs with Living Sky Sailing School.


Living Sky Sailing School begins at Lakeside Marina at Elbow, Saskatchewan.

Our slip is on the B Dock in site 89.

We operate from June until the September long weekend in Sk. See our News or Reserve Now sections to see our open weeks for this season. We block some weeks during the summer for maintenance, weather rescheduling and for personal usage.
To book or reserve a spot, complete one of our registration pages or call us direct.
Learn to Sail on Lake Diefenbaker