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  • Have you even been on a Sailboat?
  • Want to try to crew on a Sailboat?
  • We offer rides and lessons.

on Lake Diefenbaker, Elbow, SK.

Services Available

Fully accredited through the Canadian Recreational Yachting Association. CRYA.org

Three Hour Experience

Let us know where you want to start. Leisure or Learn.


Never been on a sailboat? Want to try a leisure ride or give as a gift to someone special? Feel the breeze, hear the gentle wake and enjoy the views!
Begin Learning to Sail
Try your hand at sailing. Under our guidance and direction experience first hand a few skills required to sail a keelboat. Tack, Gybe, trim and other fun learning. Give it a try!
Cost: $100 each for any introduction experience.

Certified Courses

You have tried sailing or know you want more. Sign up for at least one of our courses.
Competent Crew
No Experience required.
Basic introduction to become familiar with sailing.
Includes 20 hours on the water over 3 days. This is a prerequiste to the Day Skipper Course.

Cost: Starting at $600

Day Skipper
Experience how to prepare for a day trip on a Keel boat. We add to the Competent Crew material by examining and practising docking, anchoring and mooring in various conditions.
Includes 20 hours on the water over 3 days. This course can be combined with Competent Crew and covered over four days at a reduced price.

Cost: Starting at $600

Coastal Navigation
Who knew Lake Diefenbaker could offer Coastal Navigation? Electronics can fail in any part of the world.
It covers reading charts, tide/current tables and planning routes. This content applies to navigation on any water body.
Includes 8 hours on the water. Can be combined with either or both of the above classes for a discounted price.
No Prerequisite required.

Cost: Starting at $400

These three certifications allows you to apply to Charter in and around the Gulf Islands of BC and beyond!

Unique Opportunities

Come out to simply ENJOY!
Have you..?
Enjoyed a picnic on a sailboat?
Had an entire beach to yourself?
Celebrated a birthday or anniversary on a lake?
Watched a Sunset over the water?
Ever had to yield to a FERRY?

Experience Lake Diefenbaker for the first time or from a new perspective.
Who is this for?
Your spouse?
The birthday boy/girl?
Someone retiring?
The outdoor adventurer?
A grandchild?

Cost: Starting at $100.
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