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Rules of the Living Sky Sail Crew Bag Contest

What is in the Sail Crew Bag? Each Tuesday for 10 weeks an item will be added to the contest. After 10 weeks we will have a bag filled to offer something to everyone on any crew. We will give the entire Sail bag and it's contents to ONE winner! Each week viewers are able to like the post on facebook and/or instagram. On June 27th a winner from all likes over the ten weeks will be selected and the package will be awarded.
Unfortunately we will only be able to ship to winners within Canada.
Facebook does not own, endorse or sponsor this competition or business.

Custom Sail Bag

This custom Sail Bag has been crafted and designed locally here in SK. It contains heavy weight dacron sail material repurposed from a Bluewater Catamaran. It is encased in nautical colored canvas. It measures 16" x 13" x 4". It can be carried with the long 1/2 braided line that has been hand spliced to create one continuous loop. Four pockets and key ring are attached to help keep items separate and easy to find.
Visitors are welcome to comment on what they would like to see in the bag next week.
Hit like on Facebook and/or Instagram to enter. Watch for more items added to the bag each week.

Approx Value: Priceless, one of a kind!

Skechers Sunglasses

These glasses are unisex adult glasses. Polarized lenses, 100% UV Protection, Durable and lightweight, Rubberized nosepads and tips, Reduce glare. Case included with cleaning cloth.
Everything you need for sunny glare off Lake Diefenbaker!

Approx Value: $50

Tommy Hilfiger Shirt

This Women's Long Sleeve, UV, quick dry is perfect for the beach and sailing. It fills one of the layers always required while on the water in Sk in the summer.

Approx Value: $45

Gloves and Line

If you want to sail, you will need some line handling gloves. These soft gloves have good grip, reinforced palms and are flexible. This week we include some line to practise those knots on or to use to string between two objects and attach a sheet for sun/wind protection. 1/4" x 50' reflective line. Put on the gloves and practice a bowline.

Approx Value: $40, but could prevent a line running across your bare palm and the line could safe a friend.. what is that really worth?


TWO containers of sunscreen. After a great day at the lake, you want the memories and pictures, not the burn to remind you of the fun you had!

Approx Value: $20. Hidden value, is being able to go back to the lake another day, instead of having to go a dermatoligist appointment!

Comfortable Cruising by Liza Copeland

This weeks addition to the bag is a Comfortable Cruising book. This book covers true experiences of sailing and cruising North and Central America. As you read the publication and covid conditions continue to lift, you may very well be inspired to explore by aquatic transport. When you are done this book, simply replace with your personal publication and continue the great relaxing tradition of leisure reading.

Approx Value: $20.

Competent Crew Manual

This is the Competent Crew Manual required for the Theory component of the first CRYA Sailing Course. Lots of great practical knowledge.

Approx Value: $40.

Beach Towel

Huge beach towel. This towel has many purposes. It can dry, warm, comfort and cover you. Great addition to the bag.

Approx Value: $40 cash, but what is the value of having your body swattled for comfort or privacy? Priceless!

Nauti Treats

Bounty Bars.. Chips A'Hoy and Lifesafers. Great snacks for any picnic! This prize pack is jammed with items for everyone! The best part is they have to be fully consumed before it gets TOO warm!

Approx Value: $12 cash, but what is the value of making a restless companion quiet? Sinking your teeth into a soft sweet treat? Priceless!

Three Hour Tour Gift Certificate

A Three hour tour gift certificate for up to two people. Take a free trip to enjoy the leisure and pleasures of sailing or start your training.

Value: $200

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